Uses of GRC


GRC’s high strength enables products with thin sections to be manufactured. These products are considerably lighter in weight than their counterparts made from normal concretes. Advantages, in addition to the inherent durability of GRC, are that the products are easy to handle and fast to install. Furthermore, GRC units can be manufactured with dense smooth surfaces that minimise resistance to water flow.

Product weight is a critical health and safety issue in many countries. Limits on the weights that individual workers can carry often mean that the heavier traditional concrete alternatives are not acceptable. GRC products can be designed to be as little as one-fifth of the weight of a comparable precast concrete product. A 100-kg concrete product requires mechanical lifting; a 20-kg GRC product is a one-man lift.

Key Features

GRC  is easy to handle and transport.

GRC  is strong and durable.

GRC  is fast to install.

GRC  has low resistance to water flow.

GRC for water
GRC for drainage