Uses of GRC


GRC’s versatility enables it to be used in different ways in the construction and decoration of building walls. In its simplest form, GRC renders reinforced with alkali resistant glass fibres can be used on a variety of substrates to provide a durable and decorative finish. They may be applied over external insulation as part of a system to upgrade the thermal characteristics of the wall, directly onto blockwork or masonry, or onto metal lath. In all cases the glassfibre reinforcement gives a long-lasting and crack-free performance.

Moulded GRC components such as window sills, window surrounds, cornices, doorportals and columns can add decoration to residential and commercial buildings while also meeting functional needs. Standard prefabricated panels incorporating a choice of surface finish including exposed aggregate, natural stone and brick effect are possible. GRC does not suffer from corrosion of the reinforcement. Unlike traditional concrete, GRC does not require a minimum of concrete cover to the reinforcement.

Key Features

GRC  is easily moulded.

GRC  products are quick to install.

GRC  is durable and crack resistant.

GRC  offers a wide range of surface finishes.

GRC window surrounds
GRC window surrounds