Uses of GRC


The qualities of GRC are shown to great advantage in the area of modular building. GRC panels are light and easily transported but also resistant to damage. Small units such as modular bathrooms or telecommunications equipment housings can be shipped in one piece and rapidly lifted into position. The strength of GRC is sufficient so that, even in thin skin construction, small modular buildings can be designed without heavy structural frames.

GRC walls can incorporate thermal insulation if required, while the absence of steel reinforcement can be a benefit in electrical or telecommunications applications. Aesthetically, the full range of natural and applied finishes, and freedom of design, which characterise GRC permit solutions to satisfy any architectural requirement.

Key Features

GRC  enables rapid construction.

GRC  products are lightweight and portable.

GRC  provides a turn-key solution.

GRC  products can improve thermal performance .

GRC for modular buildings