GRC Projects


GRC has been used on projects worldwide for many years. The following projects all feature grc products, in their many forms, all manufactured, supplied, and often installed, by GRCA Members.

GRCA Video on the benefits and use of GRC / GFRC

GRC / GFRC was developed in the 1960's and rapidly established itsef as an efficient construction material with major benefits in efficiency, weight saving and durability. This video from The International Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association (GRCA) highlights the benefits of this versatile material, featuring the use of GRC / GFRC on a number of projects of various ages, with endorsements from users.
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40+ Years of GRC / GFRC Use in Projects

GRC / GFRChas rapidly established itself as an ideal material for architects who were looking for:
  - freedom of form and excellence in reproduction for renovation
  - light weight with ease of handling on-site
  - reduced load on foundations
  - environmentally friendly.
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GRC / GFRC Façade Cladding

Since its development in the late 1960s, glassfibre reinforced concrete (also known as GRC and GFRC) has steadily gained popularity as a façade cladding with architects, engineers, contractors and developers throughout the world.

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1000 Museum, Miami, Video July 2018

This new video on the 1000 Museum skyscraper in Miami, designed by Zaha Hadid, has been produced by The B1M, and features the glassfibre reinforced concrete GRC / GFRC exoskeleton which gives the building its extraordinary design features.

View the 1000 Museum Video here.

Shepard Hall

A video of the Shepard Hall project is available here.

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Making Domes with GRC / GFRC

Domes are used in a high variety of buildings, such as palaces, shopping centres, theatres, universities or private villas of Turkish or Byzantine architectural inspiration.

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Sorgenfrivang, Copenhagen

As part of the extensive renovation of Sorgenfrivang II, the façade is cladded with sustainable GFRC elements from BB fiberbeton A/S.

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Mærsk Building, Copenhagen

With more than 7.000 elements in more than 1.000 variants the new Mærsk Building in Copenhagen really utilizes the mouldabilty of GFRC from BB fiberbeton A/S.

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Golden Throne, Takela, Lhuentse District, Eastern Bhutan

3 year GRC project to produce the Golden Throne building for the tallest & largest Guru Padmasambhava (Buddhist Saint) statue so far.

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1 & 2 New Ludgate, London

New Ludgate, a retail and commercial development, was awarded with The City of London Building of the Year, in 2016.

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Credit Lyonnais, 30 Cannon Street, London

“Credit Lyonnais, 30 Cannon Street, London, was the first building internationally to be fully clad in double skinned panels of glass-fibre reinforced cement (GRC)." and has now been Listed by English Heritage.

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Argent's King's Cross Development, London, UK

This unusual project utilises deep red coloured precast GRC panels from GRCA Member Techrete to clad balconies and create distinctive fins up the façade ...

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Altunizade Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

The Altunizade Divinity School Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, was renewed with ...

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Student Accomodation, Crown Place, Liverpool, UK

Crown Place in Liverpool is a range of striking residential apartments that will become ‘home from home’ to more than 1,200 students every year ...

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International Public Gatherings Center, Isfahan, Iran

The Isfahan International Public Gatherings Center is clad with glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) cladding panels from GRCA Member Deesman Company ...

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Union Street, London, UK

The project developers were determined to make their new residential development in Southwark’s Union Street stand-out with an unusual design that would require specialist GRC knowledge and expertise ...

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Nanjing Youth Olympic Conference Center, China

Application of light weight GRC wall panels from GRCA Member Nanjing Beilida for Nanjing Youth Olympic Conference Center

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Tupras Refinery Rub Building, Izmit, Turkey

In this project GRCA Full & AMS Member, Fibrobeton developed a unique glass fibre reinforced concrete solution; self-cleaning environmental friendly panels for an industrial building first time in the world.

  Read more about Tupras Refinery Rub Building, Izmit >>


Prime Mall Shopping Center, Gaziantep, Turkey

Located slightly off the center of Gaziantep, a city replete with history, traditions, culinary arts, and shopping culture, Prime Mall is built upon an approximate area of 83,000 square meters.

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Kilden Performing Arts Centre, Ristiansand, Norway

Kilden Performing Arts Centre is a theatre and concert hall on Odderøya in Kristiansand, Norway. It houses Agder Theatre, Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra (KSO) and Opera Sør.

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Parliament Building, Kutaisi, Georgia

The new parliament building in Georgia is magnificent, eye-catching and distinct yet with a complex design with its main element resembling a white scarf twisted around a giant glass dome.

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Masdar Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE

It is within the larger sustainability context of the Masdar City Masterplan and the realisation in the first phase of Masdar City, the Masdar Institute that the selection process led to the choice of GRC as a construction material.

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Capital Hill, Moscow, Russia

The famous architect Zaha Hadid’s Capital Hill Project located in Moscow, has been defined as a “Fairy Tale House”, due to its different and difficult design, whose applicability was discussed in world architecture milieus.

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Canada Water, London, UK

The Canada Water residential development by Barratt East London comprises three courtyards situated near to Canada Water tube station and a proposed civic square.

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Anthill Residence, Istanbul, Turkey

Fibrobeton has made its mark in the Istanbul skyline by completing work on the Anthill Residence Project, Turkey’s tallest pre-cast clad buildings, two 55-storey towers reaching 210 meters (690 feet).

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School of Health Studies Building, University of Bradford

The University of Bradford’s School of Health Studies has completed a move from its old Trinity Road campus to the university’s city campus.

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Al Asmakh Palace, Doha, Qatar

The contract to supply highly decorative grc facades and entrances to the private palace for Al Asmakh was secured by GRCA Member Arabesque, based on the sucessful completion of past projects.

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Dalston Square

Interest from potential purchasers, due to the location and eye-catching design, was already high. The Dalston Square project was always destined to progress at breakneck speed.

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Cathedral of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Kiev

The new Cathedral of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in Kiev combines traditional design with contemporary features. The four gilded domes represent the four evangelists.

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The Leo, Frankfurt

Close to the exhibition centre of Frankfurt, a unique ‘green’ building has been constructed – The LEO.

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