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GLOBECLAD FIRE RESISTANT FACADES is a sister concern of ALUBOND U.S.A and a division of the Multinational Conglomerate MULK HOLDINGS. It is established with a focus on Fire Retardant Exterior Wall Facades.

The economic growth and urbanization have prompted a construction boom in many dense cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai etc., A large number of high-rise buildings and super high-rise buildings are being constructed with greater popularity because of higher land costs. These skyscrapers normally feature modern aesthetics, as well as green and sustainable concepts. However, the latest architectural features and the use of new materials have raised multiple challenges about the fire safety aspects of the design, and concerns of the risk of fire spread via the façade in high-rise buildings. Building Authorities are now coming up with stringent fire regulations, and the new UAE Fire Code is considered to be one of the Highest Fire Safety standards in the world.

GLOBECLAD FIRE RESISTANT FACADES are designed to meet the new UAE Fire Code as well as all the International Fire Safety standards pertaining to it. The company now offers a full range of Fire Resistant Exterior facades with a complete turnkey solution of Design, Manufacturing, Fabrication and Installation.

The product range includes MARESTONE – An Ultra High Performance Concrete Panel, GRC – Glass Reinforced Cement Panels, Alubond Stone – A2 and B classified range of Fire Resistant Composite Panels. All the products are in compliance with EN 13501 Class A1 & A2 and meet the NFPA 285 Full Assembly System Code, and standards regulating the fire safety of exterior wall claddings.

Globeclad Facades projects
Globeclad Facades projects