GRCA News Item: August 2015


The GRCA regrets to announce the sad news that another stalwart of the GRC industry, Peter Rademan, passed away on 19 August 2015. His career started with the concrete industry in South Africa in 1968 taking over responsibility for development of Cem-FIL and GRC in South Africa in 1974.

Peter was a pioneer, innovator and entrepreneur in the GRC industry in South Africa. By 1977, he was a key figure in the development of GRC housing systems such as the innovative Domecrete structures, a 9m diameter dome created by spraying GRC onto an inflated balloon and a highly successful [to this day] panellised, low cost housing system based on GRC sandwich panels with a lightweight concrete core. These are used for both temporary and permanent structures.

Peter supported the early GRCA Congresses presenting papers to the Brighton Congress in 1977 and again in London in 1979. He further expanded the market when he helped to develop the market for GRC water channels for use in South African mines and these were presented to the “GRC 81” Congress in Paris, France. By the mid 80’s, Peter was supplying to an industry which had grown to approximately 1 million square metres of GRC per annum.

Peter retained his interest in GRC all his working life and, despite the economic ups and downs of South Africa, GRC Marketing is still a vibrant business. Peter became ill last year and sadly passed away in August of this year. He leaves behind his wife Rosemary and 3 children, Louise, Luke and Angelique. Our sympathise go with them.